Start your project off on the right foot by taking advantage of our flooring and room measurement services.

If you are planning to have hardwood, tile or carpet installation in Rialto, it is crucial to have accurate measurements taken beforehand to reduce the amount of material waste, saving both resources and money. Rialto Flooring, offers complimentary room measurements with any flooring install.

Depending on the type of flooring you select, measurement processes may vary.

When installing flooring, there is a delicate balance between having enough product to finish the project and having wasteful excess. It is always important to account for trimmings and edges when factoring in how much material to purchase. If you choose to purchase flooring in with Rialto Flooring, rest assured knowing that our knowledgeable specialists will help coach you on the appropriate amounts of flooring product to purchase for your project. For added convenience, our installation specialists can install your new flooring as soon as next day. Keep in mind, measurement is complimentary with every install job.
For DIYers, our ‘how-to measure a room’ guide can help you measure out your own rooms, so that you can feel confident purchasing the appropriate amount of flooring material for your project.
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